Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Welcome to My Blog!

No one ever told me this writing business would include writing a blog so bear with me while I figure this thing out!

I may be a GenXer, but in the technological department, I’m way behind even my nephews, and I’m still trying to figure out what the term blog actually means. As I write, my spell check is determinedly underlining the word blog with a red line. Which makes me wonder… does it even exist?

But yes, it does, as I’m gradually coming to acknowledge, and I hope that whatever thoughts I express here serve to inspire or encourage you, whatever your literary interests. My posts will be aimed primarily towards writers, but I hope they will be of interest to those who don’t write but enjoy reading what comes out of the hearts of those who do. What I found before I got started in this business was that there are a ton of books and articles about what happens before signing a contract but very few references to what happens after, which is why I’m picking my way through this post-contract obstacle course very gingerly. So my hope is to record some of my experiences in such a way as to give aspiring writers a glimpse of what might be in your future and to shed some light on an industry we writers spend so much time scrutinizing from the outside.

My prayer for you all, writers and readers alike, is that you will know the joy and contentment of letting the Lord use the gifts and abilities He’s given you to fulfill His perfect purpose for your life.