Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Picture Worth 80,000 Words

When I was young, there was a tree in our front yard that was fully encompassed by a Wisteria vine. The vine was huge, like a tree itself really, and formed a perfect seat up in the tree where I could sit and watch the purple petals fall around me. I loved it!

Which is why the cover of Cottonwood Whispers particularly hit home for me when I first saw it. I could have been that girl sitting under that tree with those cottony tufts floating around me, perfectly happy to sit there and enjoy it. But when I received my first copy of the finished product last week, the cover blew me away all over again.

When I write, I try to make it the best book I can, and it's a wonderful feeling to be confident that those I'm working with are doing the same thing on my behalf. So thanks to Dean Renninger for creating the perfect cover! And thanks to everyone at Tyndale (Stephanie Broene, Sarah Mason, Maggie Rowe and Babette Rea, just to name a few) who worked so hard to make Cottonwood Whispers the best it could be!

Cottonwood Whispers releases September 1st! Check it out online at,, etc. And watch for it in stores next month.

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C.J. Darlington said...

That is so cool about your cover!! Tyndale does such a beautiful job.