Saturday, September 26, 2009

Books and Cheesecake

Ever look at your work-in-progress and think, "This is all wrong! I need to scrap it and start over"? Been there. In fact, my latest, Catching Moondrops, has made me think that once or twice.

This weekend has been all about writing, trying to firm up the timeline for Catching Moondrops. It's been a crazy ride so far with this book. There are so many things to sew up for the series, and yet I still need to have a strong stand-alone plot. Trying to get things lined up in the right order at the right tempo has been tough!

I've gotten worked up, binged on chocolate, stared at the blinking cursor until my eyes cross - but I've always known deep down it would work out. Each time I rearrange, cut or add to the story I know I'm getting closer to the right formula.

So if you're struggling, take some time to think it over, pray it over. Maybe you do need to scrap it, but the likelihood is... you don't. Maybe all you need is a break, a little change in perspective, another set of eyes, a slice of cheesecake. Whatever. Just take a couple steps back and breathe. Then tinker with it a bit, whether in your head or on the page, and see if the pieces start to fall into the right places. I'll bet they do. And then, I'll bet you find yourself pounding away at the keyboard before you know it.

But if you do, pass that cheesecake over here.


Lori Stanley Roeleveld said...

Cheesecake? Chocolate? Do you write in Willy Wonka's factory? :) Wonderful post. Keep at it, sis!

Jennifer Valent said...

Don't put that imagery in my head, Lori! I'd LOVE to write in Willy Wonka's factory... as long as Willy Wonka stays far, far away from me!

C.J. Darlington said...

Words I need to hear, Jennifer (about the writing, not the cheesecake!). Thank you!

Michelle V said...

You really need to hurry because I don't think I can wait for the next book! LOL

Good reminder, though. I think we all need to remember sometimes to stop and step back for a minute and pray about it no matter what it is we're doing!


Jennifer Valent said...

I know, CJ, I'm shamefully encouraging writers everywhere to binge on junk food! ;)

Absolutely, Michelle. Taking a step back for prayer is very often necessary in many ways!

It'll be about a year till Catching Moondrops comes out. It's gonna seem like forever for me!

Warren Baldwin said...

Good to connect on FB. Good post here.