Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Those Summer Days

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with writing or personal growth or what I hope for the future. It just has to do with sunscreen, Slurpees and bubbles in the asphalt.

I love summer! Always have, except when we had 100 degree temps with no air conditioning. But then, that helped me write novels about hot Southern summers in pre-air conditioning days, so there's a reason for everything, right?

My point is, I have been particularly itchy for this summer. For whatever reason, my lovely Virginia turned into a block of ice this winter, and it started getting icy all the way back in the fall. I'm not used to this! My poor lily white skin has been covered in goose bumps wayyyy too long. I just want warmth! (remind me of this if the dreadful heat kicks in sometime)

This week has been another one of those slaps in the face cold weather has dealt us this spring; like Lucy whipping the football out from under Charlie Brown. I keep thinking the warm weather is here to stay and then Woosh! There it goes!

I'm ready for popsicles, sprinklers, summer thunderstorms, shorts, going barefoot, and trips to the pool. I look forward to the moment when air conditioning actually feels good to me rather than just making my bones ache even more because they haven't recuperated from the long, cold months.

Sure, I'm not too fond of feeling sweaty, having a sunburned nose, being bitten by mosquitos, and burning my hand on the seatbelt. But we take the bad with the good any season, and though I'd prefer a perpetual warm springtime atmosphere, I'll gladly settle for the summer months I can have.

The weather tells me today is expected to be well into the 80's, and after yesterday's rainy high 50's/low 60's, I'll take it and gladly so.

Which brings me to an abrupt end of this post. I'm off to enjoy it!


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. In South Carolina we're not used to the cold weather (although, this winter was fairly mild), so everyone's thrilled whenever it starts warming up!

Jennifer Valent said...

I'm loving the warmth! Hope it sticks around!

Diana Prusik said...

Summer is my least favorite season, Jennifer, but your enthusiasm toward eating Popsicles, going barefoot, enjoying thunderstorms . . . well, I must admit you're making me reconsider my attitude toward July and August! And I see the influence your days before air conditioning have on your writing. Even though it's been many months since I read Fireflies in December, I clearly recall Jessilyn and Gemma sleeping in such oppressive heat. Your description was so vivid that it sticks with me even now! :-) There IS a reason for everything!

Anonymous said...

I love your post and totally agree! I just wanted to post here to see if you knew that your book Fireflies in December is one of 5 books my daughter can choose to read this summer for 8th grade advanced Engish at Pocahontas Middle Schoole here in Richmond! I am excited for her to read this and will read it along with her.