Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cottonwood Whispers

I love writing a series.

Now that I know these characters so well, working on the third installment of life with Jessilyn and Gemma is like writing about great friends. The third book, tentatively titled Catching Moondrops, will take place three years after Cottonwood Whispers; seven years after we first meet the Lassiters in Fireflies In December.

But having just received the preliminary cover for Cottonwood Whispers, I'm so excited about that book right now. Tyndale has yet again produced an amazing scene to set the tone for the story. As soon as I can, I'll post the cover here so everyone can get a look.

Just to whet your appetite for Cottonwood Whispers, I'll tell you that this book also focuses on prejudice... but it's prejudice of a different kind. It will tell the story of quick assumptions and false accusations; of how easily people can believe something without exploring justification. And it will tell the story of true sacrificial love and pure faith in God's sovereignty.

And, of course, it will continue the story of Jessilyn and Luke... the relationship everyone keeps asking me about! No hints about what happens here, though. Mark your calendars for September when you can journey back to Calloway and find out firsthand.

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