Saturday, May 9, 2009

This Isn't Child's Play

My job as a nanny is important to me. After all, kids grow up to be adults who will someday make decisions that affect the world. They can end up being anything from doctors to store owners to congressmen to teachers. And many of them will end up raising a new generation of kids who will one day become adults to raise their own children... and so on, and so on. The time and attention we put into the children in our lives will help to form how they make their mark on this world for decades.

Which only makes me realize how vitally important my job, and the job of every parent and child caregiver, is to our lives as a whole. Taking care of kids isn't easy, but it is worthwhile. There's so much importance attached to teaching them how to think before acting, speak with discipline, behave in a mannerly way, and live responsibly.

A positive upbringing helps boys and girls grow into responsible workers, caring friends, nurturing spouses, loving parents. And when Christ is involved in the process, it helps them grow up to be positive influences and bright lights in an increasingly dim world.

Life in this country today is busy and costly. It makes spending valuable time with kids so tough when work and finances eat away at our thoughts and priorities. After all, while kids are fabulous blessings they're also expensive. They eat a lot, grow out of clothes a lot, run through diapers a lot and go to colleges that cost a lot.

But the value of a dollar can't compare to the value of character, and I'm hoping the small time I spend with the kids in my life will render great dividends. There's just no better investment.

So thanks to all you moms (and caregivers) out there who take your job so seriously; who bless the kids in your lives with time, energy, creativity, selflessness, and love.

By blessing them, you bless us all.

Special thanks to my own mom who taught me the truly important things in life... and who still teaches me today.

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Lori Stanley Roeleveld said...

Thanks, Jen. And thanks for choosing such a worthy profession as caring for other women's children! God bless!