Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fire Up The Tivo!

So I had my first book signing yesterday, just a small informal one at the place where I work out, and it was a great way to get my feet wet. The ladies there were terrific, so encouraging and sweet. And I even had the opportunity to meet up with an old school friend I hadn't seen since graduation. So fun! It was a great way to get out there and start figuring out how to sign books without agonizing over it like I do with greeting cards. When the book first came out and friends were asking me to sign their copy, I think I drove them nuts trying to figure out what to say. They all sat there staring at me, thinking (or saying!) "Just sign something already!!"

Now I think I'm getting the hang of it, but if this is any indication of how long it's going to take me to get used to each part of this published author thing, I'm afraid to think of what my television interview on Monday is going to be like. My segment lasts five minutes.... and it took me about twenty tries to get comfortable with signing books... did I mention the segment is only five minutes? I'm praying I don't sit there stuttering for the first three.

But then talking has never been something I've had trouble with. Ask anybody, and they'll tell you I can chatter on for hours. It's just the focusing part that's difficult, so answering a specific question could be daunting. I could probably take five minutes just answering one question alone, but I imagine they plan on having me answer more than that. Oh dear...

So if you're in the Richmond area, tune in on February 2nd to WTVR 6's Virginia This Morning at 9am to see if Jen manages to string together several coherent sentences or just rambles. It's the day after the Super Bowl (Go Steelers!), so I'm sure plenty of you will be home!

Whether I nail it or flub it, it should be entertaining!


Ethan M. said...

*sigh* I wish I could see you live so bad!

Jennifer Valent said...

We'll DVR it. You can watch it sometime when you're over. But I may not be able to watch it with you. Too weird!!

C.J. Darlington said...

Wish I was in Richmond so I could see it! LOL Just take a deep breath and pretend you're talking to a friend over coffee. Easier said than done, eh? :)

Jennifer Valent said...

If only I talked to my friends in front of tv cameras all the time!

Oh well, it'll work out. Things usually do.

Blakelyn said...

I'm really glad I found this blog, because I didn't know you had one!

You did a fantastic job in your interview!! And I absolutely LOVE THE BOOK. I'm still not finished yet (but I will be by Monday, promise), but I have enjoyed every minute of it.

My brother and I are also coming to your book signing at Family Christian Bookstores next Saturday. I missed the one at Curves (probably because I haven't been there since November...oops.)

Anyway, looking forward to chatting w/ you on Monday.