Monday, January 12, 2009

You're invited to Novel Matters

I'm getting my blog intitiation by not only writing my own but also participating in Novel Matters, a blog written by myself and six other authors - Patti Hill, Bonnie Grove, Debbie Fuller Thomas, Sharon Souza, Kathleen Popa, and Latayne Scott. For our first posts, we'll all be making introductions by answering questions about ourselves and our work. Today is my first post, so stop by and get acquainted with all of us.

In future posts, we'll be discussing different facets of writing, sharing our thoughts on what fashions good fiction. It's a great place for writers or those interested in good fiction. So stop by, take a peek, and join in a discussion if you so choose.

Everyone's welcome!


Ethan M. said...

Sounds like way over my head. I'll visit, but lay low.

Jennifer Erin Valent said...

You might learn something, eh? You like to write!

Ethan M. said...

Heh, I guess so. Like I said I'll be visiting often, just not really showing myself.