Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yes, I'm finally writing a new blog!

This road through publishing has definitely been golden so far, but I'm wishing there was a wizard of Oz at the end of it to figure everything out for me. I do, however, have a terrific team at PulsePoint Design to walk me through things, and fortunately, I now think I figured out how to blog. So here goes my first attempt at posting on my own.

It looks like Fireflies In December is catching people's eye, and it's been such a great experience seeing how readers have been touched by the story of Jessilyn and Gemma.

Books-A-Million has chosen the book for their book club in April, so I'm incredibly excited about that. The Lord is definitely evident in everything that's happening with Fireflies! I'll keep you updated.

My terrific marketing team at Tyndale set up a blog tour for Fireflies which took place today, Jan. 7th, so thanks to all of them for their hard work. And, of course, many thanks to all of the bloggers who took the time to share Fireflies with their readers. I'll be posting their links here as soon as I can gather them all up.

I'm so grateful to everyone who has supported me throughout, including all of you who are still dropping by to read my blog even though it took me weeks to update it! I promise I'll be back more than once every month, so stop by. And feel free to drop me a note. I'd love to hear from you.


Ethan M. said...

I knew you'd do another post sooner or later! I was psyched to hear about the whole book club thing and blog tour! Can't wait to see those links either! Keep up the good work!

Cristi said...

I've been watching for your new blog. I thought you gave up on the idea! :-) I'm looking forward to your postings at Novel Matters too.

The reviews look good...congratulations! (You're my new favorite search on Google.) Exciting news about the Books-A-Million book club.

I'll keep watching for your next blog, but maybe you should email me updates instead (it might be more timely.) Just kidding! ;-)

Jennifer Valent said...

Very funny, guys! I didn't get my web training until yesterday, so you should be proud that I managed to get a blog up by last night. :)

This is gonna keep me busy!